Amber Revolution: meeting the author Simon Woolf

The revolution of amber wines revealed to winelovers

Sunday December 9th at Agazzano castle at 12am Simon Woolf presents his book “Amber Revolution” with the questions and the translation by Giovanni Segni, Italian member of The Morning Claret.

“I wanted to write this book to tell the story of orange wines and how they came back from a difficult situation: nobody knew the winegrowers that used maceration for white wines. It’s really a beautiful story which has still to be told: the rebirth of orange wines”.

“Ho voluto scrivere questo libro perché volevo raccontare la storia dei vini arancioni e spiegare come siano riemersi da una situazione difficile dove nessuno conosceva i vignaioli che usavano la macerazione per i vini bianchi. E’ davvero una bella storia ancora non interamente raccontata: la rinascita dei vini arancioni.”

Amber Wine is the first book fully dedicated to white macerated wines, now said orange wines. The book published in English can be bought online or at the Orange Wine Fair in Agazzano, it starts from the basis telling not only what technically these wines are but above all trying to understand the reasons of their existence along the Story.

300 fascinating pages with beautiful images in which the author takes us through different territories and writes the story of wines and of pople doing them: “The srtuggle of winemakers who wanted to discover anew this authentic identity has been a battle against modernity, the awareness that best wines not always come from high-technology but often from humble wineries where priorities are different: perfet grapes, respect for the land and a respectfull thought for past cultures”.