La Faggiola Court

This marvelous agricultural court was inaugurated in 1900, for the agriculture of the time it is a sort of paradigm, of rational construction to propose for example for the most advanced and wise farmers of that time. Today it is a space that slowly comes back to life thanks to the presence of two rooms suitable for conferences and events that will host the natural winemakers during this second edition of Orange Wine – the new color of white.

The complex of buildings is located in the countryside just outside Piacenza, in Gariga di Podenzano and is a building protected as a monumental asset by the Superintendency for Environmental and Architectural Heritage for its great historical value.

The Court also hosts some associations and for some years the restaurant managed by the Fratelli Pavesi, the Ostreria, where the flavors of the Piacenza culinary tradition are found and the dishes that are part of our culture carefully prepared both for the choice of raw materials and for service. Next to it is, as usual, the shop where you can shop every day with the certainty of finding quality products.